Meet Our Spring 2016 Interns!

Between our Apache Junction & Lifebridge locations we will have over 15 health profession interns this semester.
Continue reading to learn more about our first SIX fantastic students!

My name is Breanna Goyette. I am a Dietetic Intern through Maricopa County Department of Public Health. I am in the process of becoBreannaming a Registered Dietitian through this program. I love public health! In this field, I am able to truly focus on the public and creating a healthy, safe environment. Public health covers a wide variety of areas. From pregnant mothers to seniors and from low-income families to newly diagnosed diabetic individuals. There are many areas to make an impact. I am interested in teaching and supporting families in following a healthy lifestyle. This includes exercising but particularly focuses on nutrition, which is what I mean when I say “healthy lifestyle”. I want to show low and middle-income families that it is possible to eat healthy within their budget. Before I get to this point, I will continue to work among the community and learn more about their overall struggles and perspectives. This will enable me to gain more knowledge on how to support them and what tools I can offer. I hope through this internship that I will be able to interact more with the community to learn about struggles that are occurring now. I also hope to gain more skills in communicating with the public to help them gain a desire and belief to live a healthy lifestyle. Do not get me wrong, I love my pizza and ice cream. However, I have learned for myself that by focusing on having an overall healthy lifestyle, I am happier. I feel more confident in myself and am able to have more fun with my family and friends. I want others to experience this as well, which is why I am working hard now and will continue to work hard. Taking care of your body is important and impacts many areas of your life. It is never too late to start learning how to live a healthy lifestyle in order to take care of your body. Morgan

My name is Morgan and I am finishing out my final semester at Arizona State University. I am a part of the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion and this May I will be receiving my undergraduate degree in Exercise and Wellness. Originally I planned on going to school to become a physical therapist but I have taken an interest in primary care recently. Before I wanted to help people recover from their ailments but as I learned more I felt I could help more by reducing the need for recovery from the start. I hope to get a better understanding of the lifestyles, needs, and resources of different groups of people from my time here. I’m hoping that the experiences I gain here will allow me to decide how I can best help and inform the populace to live healthier lives.

Hello, my name is Kassidy McAfee and I am a Public Health student at Northern Arizona University. I am interested in public health because I really have found a passion in helping people and working to decrease health inequities. I believe that everyone should have an equal access to all health services and I hope to one day make that possible. I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health or attend a Physician Assistant program.  I would like to eventually work with epidemiology and infection control, sexual health, or become a physician assistant.  During this internship, I am hoping to get experience in the public health field and figure out what areas of public health I really am interested in.  Some hobbies of mine include playing with my dogs, spending time with my fiancé, and hiking the beautiful mountains that surround my house.Karly

Name: Karly Fisch
Program of Study: Bachelors of Science in Fitness Wellness at NAU Flagstaff
I found interest in the Fitness Wellness program (FW) at NAU because I am a firm believer in preventative action concerning health problems. As a FW major, we are taught how to help others live a healthier lifestyle, and how to combat health issues with choices like diet and exercise. I love cooking (especially baking), and I believe helping others learn how to better their diet is a huge step towards becoming an overall healthier community. I just moved to Phoenix from Flagstaff, and am currently enjoying the snow-less weather, but missing all the tress. My hobbies include hiking, camping, and swimming and my goal is to one day hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, as well as to Havasupai Falls.


Hello everyone! My name is Heather and I am a senior at Arizona State University majoring in Exercise and Wellness/Health Promotion with a minor in Nutrition. I pondered through many different majors throughout my college career and the one thing that attracted me to this field is just how versatile it is and how prevention is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. After graduation, if I don’t go directly into the workforce, I plan on getting my Masters in Public Health or to go to nursing school. I also plan on taking the CHES exam to become a health educator so I can pursue my passion of helping others through teaching and education.  I love working and helping people of all different ages and abilities and I can’t wait to apply all of my knowledge that I have learned in the classroom into the real world setting. I am excited to be an intern at GVAHEC this semester and can’t wait to see what comes next! In my free time, I enjoy dancing, hiking, spending time with my friends and family, photography, and I can’t wait to someday travel around the world.


Hi everyone! My name is Cyerra Meagher and I am currently a senior at Arizona State studying health promotion. I have always been interested and enjoyed the health and fitness field. After growing up and realizing the fabulous benefits and importance of health and fitness, I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and passion with others! My goal after graduation is to find a health promotion center to help communities become more educated about this topic. During my internship with GVAHEC, I hope to gain knowledge in the process of promoting health to communities, such as elementary schools, and how to create and implement programs. In my free time I enjoy traveling, going on hikes, and spending time on the beach or by any sort of water! I play soccer and I love being active with people who are close to me. I look forward to interning with GVAHEC and I am excited to see what comes next!


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