Paws– A Cause for Applause

By: Dana Exline

10 Ways Pets Improve Health

1.  On average pet owners have improved blood pressure
2.  Raising children around pets improves the development of social skills, particularly for learning to establish and maintain relationships
3.  Pet owners have improved psychological status due to reduced feelings of loneliness and depression
4.  On average Pet owners have lower cholesterol
5.  Pet therapy for elderly institutionalized adults increases alertness, improves speech, and reduces depression

6.  Pet owners have more opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
7.  Pets can be useful in assisting with occupational therapy to improve patient’s balance, posture, mobility, and function
8.  Pets provide owners with more opportunities for socialization
9.  On average Pet owners have improved triglyceride levels
10.  Some pets can be trained to improve the quality of life and reduce barriers for those with disabilities or medical conditions












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