Pinal Healthcare Sector Partnership

What is a Healthcare Sector Partnership?

A regional, employer-driven partnership of industry, education and training,  and workforce stakeholders. The sector partnership works together to be problem-oriented, address needs interdependently, and work with the industry collectively to address the workforce needs by reducing barriers to….


employment and sustaining or increasing jobs. This will bolster regional economic competitiveness by aligning education,  economic, and workforce development planning.

Priority Areas for Action for Pinal County

Strengthen the talent pipeline

The sector will require a stronger talent pipeline to enable growth. This will require:

1) New workforce partnerships among employers, educational institutions, workforce development, and other community partners to ensure that job training is aligned with sector needs.

2) Building the talent pipeline early by working with high school students to raise awareness of opportunities in health care.

3) Removing barriers to developing high-demand health care professionals by expanding Graduate Medical Education in Arizona and improving the medical licensing process.

Outreach and education

There is a need for more coordinated outreach and education efforts to promote a shared understanding of health insurance, provide systems navigation support, and raise awareness about preventative services. This includes reaching out, in particular, to target, under-served populations.

Facilitating healthcare integration

To capitalize on the trend toward integration of behavioral and physical health, the partnership discussed specific strategies for facilitating health care integration. This will involve:

1) Defining a new model for health care integration, including applying technology to support and promote patient-centered care.

2) Developing infrastructure needed to facilitate care coordination through electronic health records or other central data systems.

Priority Opportunities in Pinal County to Drive Sector Growth

Growing markets, new technology, and new services The health care industry is undergoing rapid changes that are translating into opportunities for the sector in Pinal County. This includes new markets for health care services as insurance coverage expands. In addition, new types of technologies and services are     changing the landscape of health care in the region.

Policy changes Health care policy changes are opening up new opportunities for the sector. With payment reform, preventative and chronic disease management services are will be compensated for, opening up new opportunities for health care providers in these areas.

Integration and care coordination With an emphasis on integrating behavioral and physical health in health care, the Pinal region has an opportunity to foster coordination of care and enable stronger linkages within the sector.



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