Welcome Winter 2015 Interns!

4 new interns have arrived for our Winter 2015 Semester!

Welcome GVAHEC’s newest Midwestern Pharmacy students. They have just begun working at our GVAHEC @ Lifebridge location and have already hit the ground running on a Statewide Environmental Scan of HPV Vaccine providers! Read on to learn more about each of these fantastic interns…



Jennifer Gutierrez

My name is Jennifer and I am a first-year pharmacy student at Midwestern University. I plan on graduating with my Pharm D. in May 2018. I became interested in pharmacy after working with some wonderful pharmacists at Walgreens. As of now my only experience of pharmacy is in the retail world, so I look forward to expanding my horizons through my classes, including my work at GVAHEC. This is my first foray into public health and I look forward to making an impact on the community through this internship. I know that I want to be involved in direct patient care, so I will likely practice in a retail or medical office setting. In my spare time I like to hike, play with my dogs, and read.

Mark Barsoum My name is Mark Barsoum and I am currently enrolled in a 3 year pharmacy program at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. I have always been interested in pharmacy since my young age, due to its broad influence upon all ages of the community around us in the health care system. My education goals are to finish my pharmacy program and to go further in my studies and complete residency, which my influence me to be board certified in my area of expertise. My career goal is to work in a hospital setting, where I am in constant contact with patients and providing knowledge to improve their well-being. My goal in my internship is to broaden my view of public health and how it relates to the field of pharmacy. My personal interests in the field of pharmacy are to constantly see what areas of expertise such as oncology, infectious disease and cardiology.

Nhuong Le

Hi, my name is Nhuong Le. Currently, I am attending Pharmacy Program at Midwestern University. I really like to study about chemistry, human physiology, and medicine. Therefore, I choose to study pharmacy because I think my personality fits nicely with pharmacy profession. Before going to pharmacy school, I volunteered in many retail pharmacies. However, I did not have any chance to work in a hospital. As the result, I am waiting for my IPPE to get more clinical pharmacy experience, and then I will decide which pharmacy career path I want to pursuit. For this internship, I hope it will give me a better understanding of how pharmacy and public health related to each other. I believe this experience will also help me deciding if I want to work in a clinical setting or an ambulatory setting.

Harrison Ward My name is Harrison Ward, and I’m currently a first year pharmacy student at Midwestern University. I chose to pursue a degree in pharmacy because I’ve always loved chemistry and biology, and I wanted to be able to apply knowledge from these fields in a way that impacted people’s health and wellbeing. While I don’t know exactly what kind of pharmacist I want to be yet, I am interested in possibly pursuing psychiatric and/or hospital pharmacy after graduation.  During my internship at GVAHEC, I hope to learn more about how pharmacists can impact the community in a public health setting by providing immunizations, patient education, and by other means. Outside of school, I enjoy travelling and discovering new places.


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